When one Chicagoan shoots, we all get hurt.
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These are the facts:


Over 100 Chicagoans were shot on the Fourth of July 2021.


More than 4,100 people were shot in Chicago last year.


Chicago has had the most mass
shootings in the nation since 2018.


Guns are equal opportunity killers. Last year, the youngest Chicagoan killed by gun violence was 1 month old. The oldest was 84 years old.

Last year, more children were shot in Chicago than died from COVID across the country.


Gun violence is the leading cause of death for Chicago children.

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2021 was the deadliest year in a
quarter century.

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47 Chicagoans were shot over Memorial Day weekend 2022.

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Chicago had 800 homicides last year. That’s twice as many as Al Capone was linked to in his lifetime.

Had enough of this carnage and politicians offering only “thoughts and prayers”? Donate to any of the organizations listed below and get involved. Chicago is supposed to be known for its neighborhoods, skyscrapers and resilient spirit. We rebuilt our world-class city once before. We can rebuild its reputation.